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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. we are live in san jose and we will show you where it is wet and raining and the accidents it may be causing. a man is expected to survive after being shot by oakland police. also, president barack obama waking up in the bay area, find out what is on his a do today. this is it morning news. good morning everybody, it is thursday april 4th, i am brian flores in for dave clark. we have a system in during
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the critical hours, nothing too heavy but it has already pushed out and you can see the bands of yellow and boy, it is a fast mover even though it is coming from the south yet, look at that, there is no doubt it will give way to afternoon sunshine. am i going to janine de la vega? yes, janeane what do you have for us? >> that is all right, steve, as you mentioned, it is wet and the rain has created several problems this morning. janine de la vega is at a crash, she is there and it is too early s the wet roads which caused the crash. >> reporter: we are here on --
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we are here and this white lincoln navigator crashed into a palm tree and again the roads are wet. let's go to video which was taken in the lat half hour, no other vehicles were involved in this again and the driver, for some unknown reason, we don't know if it was the slick roads or if alcohol played a factor, she was in her 20s and she crashed into a palm tree and was rushed to the hospital and right now they think it is minor injuries. we have been driving on 880 as well as many and again police and chp have their eyes out and they are watching for traffic
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accidents and i have also been keeping my eye on the chp incident page to look for accidents and there are not too many here in the south bay and that's actnd -- that is expected to change so combined with water and debris, it creates some slick conditions. let's look at the commute here, now there was a report of a crash west or east of gill man they are going to make a u- turn and come back westbound and there were reports of some cars facing the wrong way. it looks good on highway 80 and highway 4, you can see traffic
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is moving along well. we will have another traffic update in just a few minutes. all right, sal, we will be here for you and we have radar maps posted. they have the latest officer involved shooting which happened at 10:00 last night near 11th and jefferson street. paul chambers is telling us what one witness is saying this morning. >> reporter: there is conflicting reports between police and the witness one person was taken to the hospital and two people were taken into custody. just before 10:00 last night oakland police responded to a call of an armed robbery and we learned a local female was
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robbed by three men. officers responding came upon the three men who matched the suspect's description and as the officers tried to detain the men, one of the officers tried to fire it. a field officer who did not have the weapons drawn, they pulled out their weapons and fired without a single command. >> i didn't hear anything, i was expecting them to say, get down or just stuff that i thought they would say and i just didn't hear anything. however there is no report and once again the suspect was taken to an area hospital on a
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is expected to survive after being shot by a police officer and we are hoping to get more information from him . >> a shooting in gilroy. police shopped near chest and east street, one man died at the hospital and the second victim was transported to a trauma center and is expected to survive. police have not released anymore information about a suspect or moat have you. north key has considerable range to its east coast. they have been organized for a nuclear attack. the action a u.s. is taking in response to those threats. president barack obama is
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waking up for his second day of bay area funds raisers. this is the continental hotel where the president is waking up this morning. [crowd noise] >> there was plenty of security yesterday and today and the closest people will get is a chance to see the motorcade pass by. some people who paid to attend the fundraisers just want to show their support but others have a message. >> he was the best choice for us, we love him but yet we need him to move on some of our progressive values. >> this morning president barack obama is scheduled to be used. and the second dethen marsha and january net goldman. now they are expected in
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atherton because of the president's visit he is scheduled to leave from fso at 1:40 this afternoon. >> well the president is waking up to a soggy day as well. tara moriarty will join us with a hive report from san francisco with the one issue the president wants to entertain this. sal, have you had a few problems already? >> yes, we want to think it is because of the wet roads and it is just a sneaking suspicion that i have, every time it rains like this, we have more crashes and some of them must be caused by people driving too fast just out of our camera
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view, minor injuries and you can tell the traffic has lessened and we are headed to the mcarthur maze, just you be careful out there. there are no problems getting into san francisco, we also have the traffic into the south bay. some of our cameras are in the rain and they are not doing so well . there is already a back edge to it and boom like that it will be gone. morning rain clouds fog as well. some of that rain has been moderate to heavy. buchanan beyond field he starts to pick up. it doesn't look like there is any instability at all. morning rain, cloudy fog.
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mostly sunny partly sunny and cooler temperatures and a very warm day. just heard from mike polanski and petaluma leads so far. 50s on the temperatures, this is a warm, warm system and the wind is a little bit easterly, once the system goes through, it will turn more westerly this afternoon you can see ones it foes by, we will have rain 10:00 a.m. to 4:00. afternoon soon, i will change that to say afternoon sun instead of late sun, upper 50s and lower 60s coast and bay. cloud will end with another
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system on monday. a lawsuit is tied to a horrific child abuse scandal and it involves a etcher and it shows jail house inmates holding a loaded gun and doing hard drugs. westbound traffic looks good and we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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. the political fall out continues after showing inmates in jail holding guns and gambling. it is being held to decide on a proposal to improve jail conditions. right now most of the decision is falling on somebody else and the mayor wants this placed under federal control and the hearing continues today. and rutgers fired mike rice one day after the video went viral. and now they are demanding the resignation and they are outraged he only suspended him and not firing him. it shows him hitting them and
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dealing with antigay slurs. to see people running in elementary schools and high schools and colleges, you have to say what is this country all about... >> in the commonwealth club, harry reid removed them from the gun control legislation but assured dianne finestein that they would be voted on as amendments. they are ready to launch a u.s. attack and as they report from the washington d.c. newsroom, they are moving the missile closer to the coast. kyla? >> reporter: that missile is said to have it closer to the coast and lists don't know how accurate that missile is. they are given the troops the
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green light to go with practical moves. between the u.s. and south korea, he has scoffed at the underground nuclear tests in february. analysts say it is a lot of rhetoric and very little action but north korea has about 1200 missiles capable of striking parts of asia and one of them is in the u.s. >> whether it can hit the u.s. now or clearly sometime in the future they are working to have that capability. >> he has two reasons to ratchet up his threats and they will have that now and from the secretary of defense chuck hagel, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are bringing a horrific filed abuse scandal into view. they claim he slapped pinched and verbally abused three
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autistic students and teachers failed to report those to police as required by law. the district attorney's office is considering these accusations and so far there is no comment. the number of bedbugs is increasing and they are struggling with an infestation. they have been reporting bedbugs for the past few months. the latest has campus officials acting fast and they will use a heat treatment. the center for decease and prevention does not spread disease but they are not a public health concern. in these cafes, customers buy time on computers which resemble slot machines and other gambling. they have a moratorium banning these businesses but they
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granted allowances after they filed a lawsuit. health officers closed marigny's doors on monday. they noticed rat droppings near food containers but they reopened at 6:00. last night a crowd of people were lined up on 9th avenue. cockroach the and bedbugs, i am feeling itchy all the time when you start talking. >> we are very clean. >> that is good. let's look at what we have on highway 4. we have a report of a crash nearby and we are looking at it. after doing this for so long i have a feeling i know what is going on here. people get into spin out accidents, somebody calls chp and by the time they get out there, the person who gets spun
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around, gets turned around and is very embarrassed and is otherwise not affected. this happens a lot and unfortunately sometimes it does not end well and you spend out and you don't hit another car but you want to make sure it is not. they found somebody spun out their car on canon road westbound. also the morning commute southbound 880 that traffic is moving along well over to the san mateo bridge exit, here is steve. thank you, sal. our system is going through and there is a back edge to this, by a.j. pierzynski it is coming at a critical time and this is some
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mott rate to hey 0 -- to heavy drops. our system will be with us for a couple of hours and then it will be gone. the bigger low is up here and as they swing by they will accelerate and be out of the picture. there is some fog i am beaded with this as well. san jose was 78 degrees but not today. san francisco is already a quarter of an inch, owning land 1000s. 50s on the tells -- temperatures. so it holds a lot of moisture but there is not a lot behind it so it is sunshine for the afternoon hours. we have it cooler today and i
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think between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. is really the main emphasis for the rain and after that things calm down. highs are in the upper of 60s host and bay. there may be rain to the north, okay sunday and maybe another system to the north on monday. the european mark is trading moments ago after the bank announced it is leaving interest rates alone. overnight asian marks kits closed and they gained more than 2% after japan announced they will pump more than 1.2 4 into the economy. they call it a radical move to stimulate the economy. and they have been helping out but yesterday from losses, dow jones industrial average
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down 111 points and s&p 500 and nasdaq also slipping, s&p 500 is getting close to testing some new highs and they are right across the board, futures are indicating a much higher opening and it could be because of the decision to leave interest rates alone. 5:21, a 21 year run is made. >> why a special performance is keeping kids from getting into the streets of oakland, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, this is so cool and it is opening night for the universal circus, some have a sneak preview of what many will experience. they are welcoming families who otherwise would not be able to attend the show. the circus is helping to motivate these children to stay out of trouble. >> there is not a lot of good stuff out here. >> i enjoy my kids smiling. >> performances run through sunday and tickets range from 17 to $60 each.
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well, it is official, jay leno is leaving the tonight show, he is retiring and will be replaced by jimmy fallen. he is scheduled to take over in about a year after the winter olympics and so far no word on who will replace fallen but "saturday night live" is considered a strong candidate. it is not sal castaneda because we need him here. >> you know, i am saying here, i had to turn them down, pam. let's take a look, traffic is moving along slowly because of the rain and we have pockets of flooding in some of the lane already and we are looking at 280, it does look okay, on the sunole grade, all the roads in the bay area with a bunch of fender benders, nothing too seer yours -- serious just yet,
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here is steve. occasional we have bursts of moderate rain and i had a nice tweet from ericka who said the rain sounds pretty. we will have some breaks in the afternoon and cooler highs mainly in the 60s. rain is pretty if you get to stay in bed and listen to it but unfortunately we have already seen several crashes and one suv ploughed into a tree just an hour ago. and checking out its new home on android, we will check out just what the social network means by that. president barack obama is staying at a hotel in the south of market district and we will tell you how he was greeted by both fans and protesters yesterday.
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. good morning, we are on storm watch and we will take a look at the latest with steve paulson. things are coming in and yesterday we had three quarters and that's right in line and yesterday a third of an inch, mike send me an e-mail, there is more rain now than in all of january and february. it makes sense, there is our
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system it will be with us for the morning and be out of here for the afternoon, here is sal. traffic is busy with a lot of cars leaving the roadway well -- well because probably because of the wet roadways and we have a little bit of wind and wet roads at the coliseum and traffic is moving along okay there. no major problems on 80 and you can see traffic is moving along well in some areas as you move from richmond to berkeley. let's go back to the desk. an suv slammed into a tree and that scene has just been cleared. janine de la vega is in san jose with just how bad the backup is and we have more on what she learned abt the crash, janeane? >> reporter: right now tow truck drivers are about to hall this suv away and it is raining lightly now but it has been continuous and they are just cleaning up the debris out here
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on the street. that tow truck driver who is about to hall the suv away, he said with all of this rain he expects to be very busy this morning. at 4:30 a.m., somebody crashed and the driver was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital. she is not sure what happened and she said the wet roads may have played a factor. police are looking into alcohol and it is just too early to tell. the rain is steady and again it is light and of course that still makes for slick road conditions. california highway patrol and police are out patrolling making sure drivers are not speeding. san jose overnight just got about 5.8 inches of rain and in the santa cruz mountains they got a 10th inch of rain and it's a good reminder, it is still light and you will need to turn on your windshield
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wipers and make sure when you do that you turn on your lights. there has been several traffic collisions mostly in the east bay, and we have a reminder to slow down. san jose police are still here on santa clara street about to clear this scene but again they are keeping their eyes peeled to make sure they are careful. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating the latest officer involved shooting which happened on jefferson streets. police confronted three young robbery suspects near a downtown restaurant. officers then shot and wounded one of the suspects during some type of struggle. he is expected to survive. no police officers were hurt and officers detained the other two suspects. the man accused of crashing his car and then attacking customers is due back in court.
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he will be charged with several felony counts for the bizarre incident on easter sunday. prosecutors say he has had several incidents with the law. it includes a gas station crash in december and one occasion where he threw a chair through a pub while high on cocaine. and president barack obama will be headed out for more democratic fundraisers and protesters will be headed out as well. tara moriarty is live in san francisco near the president's hotel, tara? >> reporter: police have all of the streets near the continental hotel blocked off and if you take a look, you can see the police have it block vindicated. -- blocked and the president was greeted by fans and protesters yesterday... >> reporter: hundreds of protesters lined the streets of
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the home where president barack obama attended a democratic funds raiser. most were urging him for the pipeline keystone saying it would be an environmental catastrophe. >> this is a first time i am protesting against anything. >> reporter: the cost to dine with the president, more than 32,000 dollars a plate. at the home of billionaire tom squire it was 3 5,000 a head. he himself is an outspoken opponent of the pipeline. we will tell you about two fundraisers and he is also expected to be greeted and he will fly out of fso and we will tell you exactly when that will
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be so you can be mind full of traffic. back to you. and on ktvu channel 2 news at noon, we will bring you more at 6:00 as well. it is becoming one step closer to becoming law. the law drafted if response to the sandy hook elementary school shooting it requires a background check on anybody wishing to purchase a firearm and bans the sale of large capacity magazines. next it will go to the legislature which is expected to pass and the governor has already pledged to sign it. oakland may have to return millions of dollars of redevelopment funds and that's because state regulators have rejected a controversial move that balanced the books. it happens during the crisis two years ago and they sold expensive properties including
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the old hendry j keizer center and that's just before the state redevelopment program where they helped to close the state's deficit. well, if you like facebook you will like this, they have a major announcement while mark zuckerberg is not offering announcements, mark zuckerberg will introduce its own phone. they show a mid-range phone which runs on android software. they say like the social network itself it will help people stay closely connected to friends. >> it will let you know if they are in close proximity... >> 9:00 to 5:00 google said it could be the project called facebook home and it will put up front features, apps and contacts and mess anding. -- messaging.
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>> this will be the whole morning and traffic will be busier than it normally is and we are looking at highway 4. there has been some improvement and we had just a bunch accidents between 430 testimony temperature and 5:00 and things are a little calmer looking at a few fender- benders. it is one of those things where it is focusing on the camera and let's look at the nimitz freeway, that traffic is moderate. now let's go to steve. >> now, a system is moving through, rainfall amounts are good and we went yesterday with three quarters and that's exactly what happened in the north bay. west coast, he is out in antioch and it's just a big tweet. now it is raining pretty heavily. now it is closer to the radar
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site and we are getting this rain going through and the back edge is already approaching so i think for about another two hours, we will be done and there is nothing on the backside of this except blue skies and it will be sunny but we have the rain for another couple of hours. afternoon temperatures will come down, we had some upper 70s yesterday but not today, today will be in the upper 60s. petaluma is the front-runner almost a half inch of rain, san francisco a third of an inch. concord an "f" s o 16 -- fso 16 / 100th. very mild air mass up in tahoe, it will be very mild and rain will be at lake level. it may slow down for the north level. we get the afternoon sun and so far we will take this rain, we
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had all of january and february and it looks like there is more on the way in the middle of the month, temperatures were very v- very warm yesterday, in with the sun and it will be cool, we had that south wind and we have some off and on clouds and there is one more system before the warmup next week. we have updates on and we have radar maps along where you live along with the five-day forecast as well. joy mixed with concern this morning, one missing hiker has been found, his friend is still out there, the medical issues are complicating the search. and a send off, at cal as it marks the strip to the women's final four. westbound traffic is moving along well, we will tell you more about the rainy commute
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straight ahead.
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. morning rain is looking good, it will be fast, another couple of hours, afternoon soon, cooler around 60s. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, police in oakland are investigating the latest officer involved shooting which happened in downtown oakland. an officer wounded a suspect -- wounded a suspect and it is not clear what led up to the gunfire. president barack obama will be heading out to atherton to
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attend two fundraisers after two last night. and north korea is backing up its action with -- its threats with action. it is warning of a nuclear diversion and the moment of explosion is approaching fast. it has been found alive. -- the other hiker has been found alive. last night friends and family cheered when they found a hiker severely dehydrated he stumbled on to a hiker half a mile south of the search area. he and rekindle had not been heard from since sunday night. he is struggling to answer
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questions about his friend's wear about abouts and they are -- wear abouts and they are hoping once he receives nutrients it will spark some memory. a man was attacked by a shark, he was on his board when he was bit on the thigh. police are looking into whether the attack was caught on video because the man had a camera attached to his surf board and shark attacks are extremely rare. gaza fired rockets into israel and it's response between palestinians on the west bank. a teen is one of two palestinians killed in the latest fighting and it's from a well-known palestinians. but palestinians claim deliberate negligence. they are holding a rally in
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honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. it is 45 years ago today dr. martin luther king, jr. was assassinated in memphis tennessee. it is being called protecting the dream. king was a leader before being shot and killed and to this day, he is the youngest person to win a nobel peace prize. he was one of the people killed in the oikos university massacre. people of the tibetan association prayed as they remembered 33-year-old female one of the 7 people killed in the oikos university nursing school. >> our family is still emotional and we are grateful we have a good and strong community and everybody is supporting the family. >> she moved to the bay area
5:47 am
from india and was studying to become a nurse. she was never interested in making a lot of money but simply wanted to give back to her community. according to education west, they are preparing students for college those who have relatively small percentage scored a "b" overall and the next group earned a "c" plus. others scored lowest overall with a "d" minus. the rally will be held including spirit squads and remarks from the head coach. this is the first time in school history that cal has advanced to the women's final four and they face louisville sunday afternoon. >> good for them. >> yeah. >> it is going to be a very
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busy morning for sal and steve. >> that's right, a crash is reported after high street up near 29th and we have a camera that somebody nearby northbound 880 so there is a crash reported up the roadblocking one of the middle lanes and if you look at it now, we will look at it as the traffic continues to get busier. chp is responding to the scene and you can hear them on the radios they are not quite there yet. we will let you know. again near 29th, report of a crash with injuries. let's move along and look at the san mateo bridge. we would show you the bay bridge but that camera is temporarily down. and this morning's commute, the
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san jose region, silicone valley moving along, 280 getting up to the valley, 508, let's go to steve. >> some morning rain, afternoon sun, maybe some rain to the north, it looks like the storm track is going north. maybe some rain monday but the key is, the 10 to 15 day outlook is very wet. wetter than all of january and february so things have really turned but it makes since after a record dry stretch. this system will be here two more hours and like that it is gone. you can see right there, there is nothing behind that except blue skies and sunshine. it will give way to mostly sunshine but it is not as warm as yesterday. yesterday we went to three- quarters of an inch, petaluma loom, so farther the most that
5:50 am
i have seen, santa rosa .31 an "f" s o both -- fso both reporting 16 / 100th, 46 chuck e., warm system and snow level is very high. we came from the southwest and it's just like opening the door and we'll see sunshine in the next couple of hours. cooler after the morning rain, pockets of moderate to heavy and it will not last too long, maybe before that with afternoon sunshine. rain in the morning, we take the rain and it will be nice cooler and fresh. 60s on the temperatures, upper 70s and we will have upper 70s and we level it off here, maybe some rain to the north on saturday, sunday looks okay,
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one more before it looks to be a warmup tuesday or wednesday. labor department announced a big jump in jobless claims. they filed for first time unemployment benefits and that's up from last week and the highest so far. it is because of seasonal quirks and the easter holiday but others are saying that the pace of hiring is slowing. dorse sell is taking steps to cut down on waste. already they are sent ising manufacturing waste to the landfills and they are taking diapers into a polls city filling -- a poll city filling. they are changing dealer service in the network of charging stations. the company is taking more steps to boost electric cars.
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coming up, storming stages around the world and soon we can relive their glory days with them in the bay area. . there they are, they are making stops on a new tour and we will tell you the price they have to pay to see them in concert. and a big decision regarding the pilot of one who ran into the bay bridge earlier this year.
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. carnival cruise lines is blaming winds crashing into another vessel in the port. crews were working on the ship after the engine caught fire in february leaving thousands stranded at sea. we will learn if guy kleess will face disciplinary action. he was heading the ship back in january and damage is estimated between two and three million dollars. disciplinary could range from
5:56 am
more training to the loss of his license. and according to a new study, a new survey found the first time they lived with a man, they were not married. today 48 percent move in with a male partner compared to 90%. they lived with a man, went on to mare him -- mary him. and they are getting a boost from a new city report. the new city controller's office said the new rent could be part of a deal to allow more rent conversions and if that is allowed rent prices will rise. they are reliving the glory days with newly released tour dates. and the rolling stones are starting up, the band will make stops on may 5th at the oracle
5:57 am
arena, hp pavilion and the prices are steep, ranging from $168 to $665. most of the members are pushing 70 but that is not slowing them down. >> lots of artists cannot stop doing what they do best. >> i am excited, i always wanted to go see them as a kid. >> and now they have a few new numbers to shake things up. well time now 5:57, sal you are keeping an eye on traffic? >> yes, there have been a lot of crashes by chp people facing the wrong way, people driving too fast perhaps and we have had a lot of rain. crash on highway 13 at 580, car ran off the road and the fire department and police are on
5:58 am
the scene. 880, notice there is a crash on high street and they are stopping the traffic and they have removed the crashes and you can see it is already causing a big delay northbound and give yourself extra time in this area. we will continue our storm watch this morning and we will have team coverage, live pictures around the bay area. also another police shooting in the bay area, one man who heard the gunfire talks to ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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